Sex and Onyx

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Thu, 04 Dec 1997 12:20:46 -0800

Since the stats server is down again...


Okay, lets see, I have to use the 2.004 client speeds
as the client speed stats aren't up to date for the 2.601 client.

A single R10k running at 195Mhz yields 339,214 keys/sec.
A dual R10k running at 194Mhz yields 626,290 keys/sec.

Amdahl's Law for fixed-load speedup includes communication
latencies and interprocessor synchronization. From the two
stats above, the architecture for an Onyx2 Infinite Reality
engine appears to be about 7.7%. Since this machine scales
to 24 processors, I will guess that if we had one of these
puppies, it would get (339,214 X 24) x 92.3% = 7,514,269 keys per

Since there are 268,434,456 individual keys in a block
and an average block is computed by an average single processor
machine at 1/40minutes (or 2400 seconds). This new machine
of ours would compute one block every 35.7 seconds.

The overall speed up would then be 67.2 times faster than
what any of us have on our desks assuming that there is enough
memory and the network connection would never go down disrupting
the flow of keys and blocks.