Re: Pretty Good Privacy Not Looking So Great

CobraBoy! (
Fri, 5 Dec 1997 22:39:17 -0800

At 5:28 PM -0800 12/5/97, Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:

> > > Dave "IE has always been an intergral component of Windows, Oceania has
> > > always been our Enemy" Crook
> >
> > Hey -- *I'm* the official Orwell quoter around here! :-) (check the
> > if you don't believe me)
> Wow, Joe, you're getting beat up on all sides today. Speaking of Orwell,
> I've been reading his collective essays. A lot of the fears and
> franticisms he raises are "your parent's fears" and don't necessarily
> seem all that valid in a 'post-industrial' society, i.e. the information
> age. We need a new Orwell for our time, hopefully somebody better than
> Stafford Huyler's NetBoy ( don't bother clicking
> on this, it's gone dark; another internet icon bites the dust) or
> Sandra Bullock in 'The Net'.


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