New Darwin candidates.

Jay Thomas (
Sun, 07 Dec 1997 19:55:13 -0500

O.k., you paid 22,000 to jump out of a plane a mile and a half above the
S.Pole. You deserve what you get.

3 Skydivers Die at S. Pole - Officials say three experienced skydivers
on an adventure tour plunged to their deaths at the South Pole when
their parachutes failed to open. Two of the dead were U.S. citizens,
ages 36 and 43, and the third was a 49-year-old Austrian. A spokesman
for the Canadian firm Adventure Network International says the dead were
among a six-man team that jumped at 8,500 feet over the South Pole
yesterday. Three landed without problems but two chutes apparently did
not open. The team members paid $22,000 each to take part in the jump.