P5, PPC, PPP, and WeWe

CobraBoy! (tbyars@earthlink.net)
Sun, 7 Dec 1997 20:07:05 -0800

Let the record show that I didn't bring this up.

Ok, a new client was released today for the Mac and here are the #'s

PowerBook 1400, 117 mhz, 367 Kkey/sec
PowerMac 8500, 150 mhz, 488 Kkey/sec
PowerMac 8600, 300 mhz, 988 Kkey/sec

Total 1843 Kkey/sec


p.s. This is the only thing the standard 604e PPC beats the G3 on. The G3
is optimized for the Mac OS. That is why my G3 card SMOKES this PPC 300
604e on everything *real world.*


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