PhD Thesis on Rights Management

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See? it IS possible to get a degree working on this internet stuff!
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Subject: FYI - Network-Centric Rights/Relationship Management
From: Martin Roscheisen <>
Date: Tue, 09 Dec 1997 15:27:43 -0800

The following dissertation is now available, completed under
supervision of Terry Winograd as part of the Stanford Digital
Libraries Project. It provides a design for "smart contracts"
and for the kinds of usages that have been discussed recently
on this list. - M

A Network-Centric Design for
Relationship-Based Rights Management

Martin Roscheisen
Computer Science Department
Stanford University

Networked environments such as the Internet provide a new platform for
communication and information access. In this thesis, we address the
question of how to articulate and enforce boundaries of control on top
of this platform, while enabling collaboration and sharing in a
peer-to-peer environment.

We develop the concepts and technologies for a new Internet service
layer, called FIRM, that enables structured rights/relationship
management. Using a prototype implementation, RManage, we show how
FIRM makes it possible to unify rights/relationship management from a
user-centered perspective and to support full end-to-end integration
of shared control state in network services and users' client

We present a network-centric architecture for managing control
information, which generalizes previous, client/server-based models
to a peer-to-peer environment. Principles and concepts from contract
law are used to identify a generic way of representing the shared
structure of different kinds of relationships.

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