Some people are so ungrateful (Global Nuclear Warming)

Rohit Khare (
Thu, 11 Dec 1997 01:47:31 -0800

Lord, give me this day my daily clue.... RK

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Rohit Khare wrote:
> > Subject: i cannot seem to find what i was looking for in the internet....
> > it has this author all over the place for global warming and nuclear power
> > plants...please help me
> >
> >I am a new user on the internet and I am doing a project for Chemistry
> >105. Please help me find this global warming nuclear power by this
> >dude!
> ...
> > The Fork Archive is the dude I was refering to.
> > my email address is Powers 41
> > I am Sophie & I would like to find this web page!
> > Please help me!
> > @Vegas.insfi:net I guess thats my email address
> Sophie,
> The FoRK archive lives at
> Although I've never heard of it as a "dude". It's a hive mind, really.
> And no, it probably won't be too helpful for answering further questions --
> everything it knows is already hidden in those 6,000 messages... But you never
> know. Perhaps one of its tentacles will be moved to wax lyrical on nuclear
> warming :-)
> Yours,
> Rohit

Well, you weren't a lot of help, but thank you for responding to my help
question. I ended up bull shitting the answer anyways. Hopefully I get
a decent grade on my test!!!


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