Re: Some people are so ungrateful (Global Nuclear Warming)

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Thu, 11 Dec 1997 08:28:43 -0800

Poor demented schoolkids. This is exactly the type of
information that should be filtered using PICSRules. She's
been eating too much Ghiradelli's again.


At 1:47 AM -0800 12/11/97, Rohit Khare wrote:

> Lord, give me this day my daily clue.... RK

> Well, you weren't a lot of help, but thank you for responding to my help
> question. I ended up bull shitting the answer anyways. Hopefully I get
> a decent grade on my test!!!
> Sophie

Dear Sophie,

It sounds like you're just the type of girl that we need here on FoRK. With
your FoRK membership you get full access to the "dude" as you put it. You
see Sophie, we here on FoRK are some of the best bullshitters in the world.
We have people that have single handedly defeated Russia with a bad
calculation, stopped atomic bombs from going off, and best of all, claim NT
is a world class OS. We do have a few girls here on FoRK, but only Clover
posts with any sort of regularity. A good bullshitting chick is always
welcomed, and I know the "dude" would be greatful.

Oh, and don't worry about your grade, unless your teacher gives you an "A"
we'll kick his ass and make his life miserable for years to come.


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The people in Hell want icewater too. Wayne Baisley

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