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At 12:43 AM -0800 12/11/97, Rohit Khare wrote:
>[Now THIS is a frequent flier award worth saving for ... -RK]
>[PS. Gang -- I'll be in India Dec 14-31.]
>Companies and private parties need not charter a whole plane for meetings and
> other occasions, Air New Zealand has introduced a concept called Private
>Business which enables passengers to charter only an entire business section.
> Companies, incentive groups and other delagations can book the airlines'
> business class for their exclusive use. The customer can choose to rename the
> cabin, personalise the menu, emblazon the company logo on each seat, create a
>corporate welcome video which can be aired on the personal video screen.
>This concept can also be used for a private trip like a wedding party. The
>idea is akin to travelling in a corporate jet at a lesser cost. The airline
>doesnot charge bythe seat, instead, groups can pay a lumpsum fare and receive
>a private cabin irrespective of the number of seats.

So, RoRo, when are you taking us all on a trip???

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