Another Darwin Award nomination???

Clover Hodgson (
Thu, 11 Dec 1997 09:31:10 -0800

You decide. True story in the news this morning.

*** Miami man learns how not to rob a bank

Miami Beach resident Todd Boucino learned a few lessons Wednesday
about the art of robbing a bank. Don't hail a taxi to make your
getaway. And don't pick a bank a block from local police
headquarters. Boucino was arrested by police after allegedly bungling
an attempt at robbing a NationsBank branch on Miami Beach's
Washington Ave. A police spokesman said Boucino walked into the bank,
located down the road from the precinct station, and told a teller
"give me all the money." The teller fled and Boucino, who simulated
having a concealed gun, helped himself to the cash. See

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