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Clover Hodgson wrote:
> You decide. True story in the news this morning.
> *** Miami man learns how not to rob a bank
> Miami Beach resident Todd Boucino learned a few lessons Wednesday
> about the art of robbing a bank. Don't hail a taxi to make your
> getaway. And don't pick a bank a block from local police
> headquarters. Boucino was arrested by police after allegedly bungling
> an attempt at robbing a NationsBank branch on Miami Beach's
> Washington Ave. A police spokesman said Boucino walked into the bank,
> located down the road from the precinct station, and told a teller
> "give me all the money." The teller fled and Boucino, who simulated
> having a concealed gun, helped himself to the cash. See
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Nope, nope and nope. Although the person in question does qualify as a
moron and could work as a consultant on encryption legislation for the
US govt (not that I'm bitter) he does NOT qualify as a darwin award
candidate. The rules stipulate that the person has to disqualify
themselves from the gene pool in a particularly spectaular and stupid
manner. This normally involves death, but some specific injuries to
particular body parts will work as well. Figuring out what has to be
damaged is left as an exercise to the reader.

Now the people who went skydiving over the south pole and forgot the
simple fact the things freeze and stick together at low temperatures
qualify as darwin candidates.

The guy in HB a few years ago that robbed the El Torito on Beach and
Edinger and then stopped to have lunch a BLOCK away qualified. His main
qualification isn't that he picked a bad place to have lunch, its that
when he was confronted by 9 or so police officers with drawn weapons he
declined their offer to surrender and went for his gun.

Dave "Do you want fries with that lead" Crook

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