Re: Another Darwin Award nomination???

Roy T. Fielding (
Fri, 12 Dec 1997 22:18:59 -0800

>Nice to know you're keeping score, Joe, but "Kick my ass" is hardly
>comparable to "Fuck Me".
>Clover Hodgson, Production Manager

Oh, what the hell, it's Friday ...

Top 10 list of quick [or what would have been quick if I had bothered
reading my mail this week] responses, Reader's Digest edition...

10. I certainly hope not.

7. Sound's like a good pickup line.

5. Not at first, but just wait til morning ...

4. How about a little empirical validation?

3. But would he notice?

2. CobraBoy might beg to differ.

1. Either way, we know which one Rohit will get.