Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Sat, 13 Dec 1997 09:31:50 -0800

It's all about money. I wish they had cyberbooze when
I was growning up. We used to have to pimp our beer.
Incidentally, we used to try to make our own brandy
in high school chemistry class also. We had sealed
buckets of grape juice and yeast perking away and
then tried to distill it. We ended up with less than
a glass of bitter alchohol after a year, but it was fun.
Almost as fun as mixing cleaning chemicals as a kid.
Interestingly enough, since Jimmy Carter legalized
home brewing in Feb, 1976, all but 48 states have
ratified the law. Any guesses which two?


for easy-to-buy liquor are
popping up all over the
Internet, creating yet another
headache for parents trying to
monitor what their children are
exposed to in cyberspace, an
advocacy group says.

"First it was cyberporn. ... Now it's cyberbooze," Americans
for Responsible Alcohol Access said in a statement
Thursday. "It's growing as fast as direct shippers
can set up Internet home pages and toll-free phone numbers."

The group, newly formed, is backed by liquor
wholesalers unhappy about losing sales and income to mail orders
and the Internet.