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John Boyer (
Sat, 13 Dec 1997 12:38:15 -0600

We live in a 'dry' Alabama county. So I think mail order booze is great.
(as evidenced below). Sure is alot better than driving to the next county
and paying 3 times the California prices.
Now if I could only get more of Rohit's Japanese Vodka... :-)

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At 09:31 AM 12/13/97 -0800, you wrote:
>It's all about money. I wish they had cyberbooze when
>I was growning up. We used to have to pimp our beer.
>Incidentally, we used to try to make our own brandy
>in high school chemistry class also. We had sealed
>buckets of grape juice and yeast perking away and
>then tried to distill it. We ended up with less than
>a glass of bitter alchohol after a year, but it was fun.
>Almost as fun as mixing cleaning chemicals as a kid.
>Interestingly enough, since Jimmy Carter legalized
>home brewing in Feb, 1976, all but 48 states have
>ratified the law. Any guesses which two?
>for easy-to-buy liquor are
>popping up all over the
>Internet, creating yet another
>headache for parents trying to
>monitor what their children are
>exposed to in cyberspace, an
>advocacy group says.
>"First it was cyberporn. ... Now it's cyberbooze," Americans
>for Responsible Alcohol Access said in a statement
>Thursday. "It's growing as fast as direct shippers
>can set up Internet home pages and toll-free phone numbers."
>The group, newly formed, is backed by liquor
>wholesalers unhappy about losing sales and income to mail orders
>and the Internet.