Mardi Gras 1998.

Adam Rifkin (
Mon, 15 Dec 1997 13:54:15 -0800

The current plan for Mardi Gras 1998 in New Orleans, Louisiana:

I have reserved the Bed and Breakfast that used to be an orphanage,
called the Prytania Inn because it's on Prytania street less than
a mile from the French Quarter of N'awlins, for February 19-25, 1998.

The last time we stayed there, 2 years ago, they let us put however
many people we wanted in that room. Rohit has maybes from two UCI
students, and my friend (and fellow FoRKer) Steve Leif will be down
for at least some of the days. I think Duck is thinking about
coming by, too, if he can get out of Columbia U obligations for
a while...

Other than that, so far we have no plans. "Winging it" worked so
well in 1996 that we'll probably do it again. We might drive out
to Louisiana from Los Angeles (LA to LA!), or we might fly. We
might go to some of those parade thingies. We might hang out in
the french quarter. We might even drink.

That's it for the status update, will keep you posted.


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