Stupid RC5-64 Story

Charles Kerr (
Mon, 15 Dec 1997 16:55:19 -0600

> Checking the top 100 teams stats yesterday
> FoRKBusters made number 49!!! We had
> 7925 blocks, 24622 kkeys/s, and more importantly,
> in a omen that can only be sublime, we edged out
> the 'Resistance is futile (Windows NT)' team
> by a whole 1 block.
> 49 FoRKBusters 7924 1 days
> 50 Resistance is futile (Windows NT) 7924 1 days

Damn, damn, damn.

I did about 2100 blocks over the weekend by adding these PCs to my arsenal:
[12/15/97 12:11:18 GMT] Total: 878 blocks 59:09:23.10 - [1106700.30
[12/15/97 12:34:27 GMT] Total: 816 blocks 59:40:08.41 - [1019714.85
(drool. Wish I had one of those on my desk.)

After doing a little checking today to see how kosher this is, it looks
like I'm going to stop using Work Computers for the competition.
We don't want -- get this -- WE DON'T WANT TO WIN ANY MONEY
using [unnamed organization]'s cycles. I know many of you would
be happy to take my share of the winnings, or perhaps even
steal the two computers above, for the good of the cause.
Very generous of you--you're saints! But those are breaks.

For the rest of you -- the ones who want to bash my brains for
asking around in the first place -- if I'd kept my mouth shut, I wouldn't
have gotten my hands on those two PCs anyway.

On the other hand, it was v. cool to go fom a 10K ranking to a 5K one
in two days. It's a fun geek rush to see ``955 blocks were completed
yesterday ( 0.00000139% of the keyspace) at a sustained rate of
2967 kkeys/sec!'' -- I need to go get a job where philipd works. :)

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