Re: Stupid RC5-64 Story

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Mon, 15 Dec 1997 16:42:44 -0800

> On the other hand, it was v. cool to go fom a 10K ranking to a 5K one
> in two days. It's a fun geek rush to see ``955 blocks were completed
> yesterday ( 0.00000139% of the keyspace) at a sustained rate of
> 2967 kkeys/sec!'' -- I need to go get a job where philipd works. :)

Extremely cool. My friend who works at the movie company I mentioned
before has an Irix R10k 195Mhz CPU farm with 340 processors that are
currently unallocated until they start rednering work on another project
in 2 weeks that I can't mention. The only problem is he has to hand
transfer the blocks over the network and they are even thinking of
cutting that off as the project he is working on is so hush hush that
they don't even want to allow them any outside contact at all including
email. Too funny.

340 processors, 340 kk/s, 1 block every 2.1 seconds is 576,000 blocks
which if I can pull it off and not get him in trouble will put us in
10th place overall, if only for a little while. It's nice to dream.