Re: duck?

I Find Karma (
Sun, 21 Dec 1997 15:43:28 -0800

Ron Resnick writes:
> I wrote:
> >The fun people who used to contribute a lot have all pretty much
> >been driven underground by the crap that passes for traffic around here.

Quoting yourself is reserved for that rarest of Internet beasts,
the objective narcissist.

> Speaking of which, whatever happened to duck? Is he still on this list?

He had to unsubscribe as his student duties at Columbia are both
taxing and deadly.

But he is coming to Mardi Gras in February so you can see him thar.
(Like your travel schedule isn't busy enough... :)

> I note that still seems to be up....

Yeah, and will continue to be. He still works on it, too. In fact, as
we speak Duck was doing his Festivus pilgrimage to Graceland to rub the
giant Elvis statue on its tummy for good luck. I expect a full writeup

when he returns. Oh, and I forgot to mention last night, but you can
always peruse what currently resides in my CD collection at

One more thing: Greg Bolcer (along with a cute paragraph requesting the
new HTTP have everything but the kitchen sink) asked for Bill Gates'
head on a platter. But I don't think I really want him dead. He's
smart, and rich, and powerful -- and those are really useful things.
Rather than have him die, I'd rather he learn to use his powers for


I made a millionnaire out of Mr. Frito Lay; he made a fat motherf-er out
of me.
-- Adam Sandler