Re: Flamewar!!

Jay Thomas (
Mon, 22 Dec 1997 08:12:14 -0500

Ron Resnick:
> So are we officially flaming now? Can I get my digs in?
> This stupid list has been wasting away for months now.
---So unsubscribe.
> There's almost no bits.
---So post some.
> There's very little news, other than the stuff you can
> get just as easily on msnbc or infoworld.
---We're saving you the trip. Did you ever think that others on the
list might find things interesting that you do not?
> There's not much humour or high level mocking.
---You mean like the amazingly funny ebonics Christmas Carol, that
were already old bits to me?
> The fun people who used to contribute a lot have all pretty much been driven underground by the > crap that passes for traffic around here.
---You mean, like Adam posting his CD collection? (Mine's bigger Adam

> Remind me - what phase is this list in? Oh yeah, mouldy
> and covered in cobwebs :-(
---Seems to be in full-out bitch phase to me. If you see a void, fill

> Three cheers!!! Adam is back!
---I'll second that. I've missed Adams posts.
> Ron

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