Re: What is an Object Model?

David Crook (
Sun, 21 Dec 1997 23:45:11 -0800

I Find Karma wrote:
> Regarding object models, Roy T. Fielding writes:
> > > 5. HTTP object model, and how to extend it.
> > > 6. Framework design for HTTP -
> > > class hierarchy for information architecture.
> > Planning a paper? This brings up my current head-banging experiment,
> > in which I am trying to describe the HTTP object model for WWW7.
> Wow. Good luck with that, the world could use a good HTTP object model.
> > The problem is, everyone seems to have a different definition of what
> > an "object model" is supposed to be.

Okay, I've got your "object model" right here. At heart I'm an OS/bare
metal programming type of guy. So this is my definition of an optimum
object model.

Objects are based around one data type, the bit. It has two possible
values 0 and 1. You can read the value of the bit, set the value of the
bit to 0 or set the value of the bit to 1. Bit objects can be combined
into heap like structures called "A bunch o bits" Bunches o bits can be
any size from 0 to as big as you can make em before your computer starts
acting funny. Aggregate functions supported by bunches include tossing
more bits onto the bunch and throwing away bits you don't want.

Everything else is just a needless abstraction, a crutch for weak minds
Dave "Yea, C is like portable assembly code, so wheres the problem"