Re: Flamewar!!

David Crook (
Sun, 21 Dec 1997 23:01:48 -0800

Ron Resnick wrote:
> At 11:35 AM 12/20/97 -0800, I Find Karma wrote:
> >Ron Resnick writes:
> > > Oh *please* can we start another flame war :-). ANYTHING to break
> > > the tedium of more RC5-64 stats....
> >
> >Let's not forget the rules for a good flamewar, reposted here from (yes!)
> >rec.humor ...
> >
> :-)
> Very funny stuff Adam. See? I _told_ you FoRK could get better
> if you got back in the game!
> >} [ ] Over 97% of your post was quoted from a previous post
> >} [ ] Over 97% of your post was quoted from a previous post and your
> >} addition was "I agree" or "Me too"

Me Too

> Wow. Were these actually in the original form? Or did you add them in?
> That would be too eerie if they just happened to use the number 97%
> don't you think?
> >} [ ] you discussed the following in a non-nutcase newsgroup;
> >} [ ] hollow earth theory [ ] alien President theory
> >} [ ] orbital mind control frisbees [ ] faith healing
> >} [ ] government weather control [ ] Russian psychics
> >} [ ] Squeaky Fromme [ ] robot spy bees
> >} [ ] sexually promiscuous space aliens [ ] "Manos, the Hands of Fate"
> >} [ ] dieting [ ] dating [X] RC5-64 [ ] Other:
> FoRK is a "non-nutcase" newsgroup?? :-)
> robot spy bees might be fun. Especially vast swarms of them.
> I'd like to hear more about the orbital mind control frisbees too, if
> anyone has a link.

Hey now, wait a minute. Nobody told me that this WASN'T a non-nutcase
mailing list. I don't join non-nutcase mailing lists. The internet,
much like television and horrific traffic accidents IS HERE FOR
ENTERTAINMENT. And there is nothing more entertaining than a bunch of
bits from a pack of mixed nuts. This is why I read alt.conspiracy, this
is why I am on the conspiracy nation mailing list and why I love to read
the anti-spamming news groups. To sum it up, its where the kooks are.

BTW, people flaming each other over technical distinctions in object
models is very kooky and good reading.

For people who want to know more about brain implants and orbital mind
control lasers I world recommend the Mind Control Forum at

> So are we officially flaming now? Can I get my digs in?
> This stupid list has been wasting away for months now.
> There's almost no bits. There's very little news, other than the stuff you can
> get just as easily on msnbc or infoworld. There's not much humour or
> high level mocking. The fun people who used to contribute a lot have
> all pretty much been driven underground by the crap that passes for
> traffic around here. Remind me - what phase is this list in? Oh yeah, mouldy
> and covered in cobwebs :-(

Okay, now I'm pissed. Why is it that I always show up after the party
is over. Just for once I would like the one responsible for driving the
discussion straight into the ground and ruining everything for
everybody. I am just going to have to work on my damn timing.

Dave "Remember, wrapping your head with tinfoil will block both orbital
mind control lasers and ground based black ops microwave mind control
weapons, but it has to be real tinfoil, not that aluminum stuff you use
for cooking." Crook