Re: Flamewar!!

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Mon, 22 Dec 1997 08:57:56 -0800

> Dave "Remember, wrapping your head with tinfoil will block both orbital
> mind control lasers and ground based black ops microwave mind control
> weapons, but it has to be real tinfoil, not that aluminum stuff you use
> for cooking." Crook

Should I post this on alt.conspiracy? or alt.paranoia?

Ceasar's palace in Las Vegas just recently finished their remodeling.
One of their new additions? Upon entry to the casino they have an IR
device that can scan the unsuspecting visitor's credit cards from
inside their wallet, inside their pants, without their knowledge,
determine their credit limit, and coordinate their winnings and service
to maximize the person's addictive behavior and the casino's profit over
the long term.