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Mon, 22 Dec 1997 08:47:51 -0800

Dr. Byars?
I picked up your dry-cleaning, I think they got the
perfume smell out, but when I dropped it off, your wife
still could sense it. I think it's psychosomatic. Also,
the dog still hasn't left the doghouse. It's been over 3 weeks
and his favorite blanket is getting slightly grungy. Maybe
we shouldn't have scaled up the dosage, but the body weight
ratio seemed to be the same in the lab rats. You have to
admit pepito looks similar to #144 in the corner cage. Finally,
I located the flyer that we hand out. I will cross post it for
the nice lady.

Your humble grad student.

Exercise technique to firm vaginal muscle tone in order to experience vaginal
orgasm and to massage an inserted penis:

How to Locate Proper Muscle

The wrong muscle: (external vaginal muscles)

Pursing the vaginal opening. This involves the weaker and smaller external
vaginal muscles that can also shut off urine flow. These muscles do not
come into play when exercising the proper, deep vaginal muscle.

The wrong muscle: (heavy back, hips, thighs, and abdomen muscles)

o Pressing buttocks together.
o Feeling stress, strain and effort.
o Experiencing fatigue.

The proper muscle: Pubococcygeus muscle (PC)
or Levator ani muscle (deep vaginal muscle)

o The muscle used to hold back urine or to stop the urine
flow during urination.
o Requires no strength, and no fatigue results on contracting this muscle.
o Does require concentration at first to locate and contract the right muscle.
o Insert finger into vagina wall to second joint and hook finger at right
angle at various directions. Poor tone: vagina feels roomy and walls feel thin and
detached from surroundings. Good tone: resistance is felt in all directions.

Exercise Program

o Start in bed before arising with 10 contractions.
o With each urination, try interrupting urine flow until it can be released
about a tespoonful at a time.
o Six sets of 10 contractions during the day for a total of 60 contraction per day.

o Over a period of a week, increase to six sets of 20 contractions for 121
contractions per day.
o Over the next six weeks, increase to a total of 300 contractions per day Should be
effortless and done at a rate of 2 seconds per contraction. Control of
urination should be very good at this point.
o Sexual benefits usually noticeable after about 3 weeks.

o After 8 weeks, muscle stays in state of partial contraction, thus tending to
maintain its own strength. Further exercises are usually not necessary, except
after childbirth when the muscle may need some retoning.

Complement these exercises with increasing doses of the orgasm pill. Start
with 100 milligrams and slowly increase to 1500 milligrams over the course of
5 or 6 menstraul cycles.

> Diane,
> The orgasm pill is, as you can guess still in a very experimental stage.
> Also we are very concerned about addictive behavior as Adam describes.
> Please reply with your age, height, weight, brief medical history, and the
> *usual* type of orgasm you experience. Also the frequency of your orgams,
> and their magnitude. You reply will be entered into the FoRK database and
> shared with my colleagues. We will then make the determination as to your
> qualifactions to receive the pill.
> Thank you for your interest,
> Dr. Timothy R. Byars
> Orgasm Addiction and Research Center
> P.S. In your reply be a specific as possible to help myself and my
> colleagues make our determination.