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At 8:47 AM -0800 12/22/97, Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:

> Dr. Byars?
> I picked up your dry-cleaning, I think they got the
> perfume smell out, but when I dropped it off, your wife
> still could sense it. I think it's psychosomatic. Also,
> the dog still hasn't left the doghouse. It's been over 3 weeks
> and his favorite blanket is getting slightly grungy. Maybe
> we shouldn't have scaled up the dosage, but the body weight
> ratio seemed to be the same in the lab rats. You have to
> admit pepito looks similar to #144 in the corner cage. Finally,
> I located the flyer that we hand out. I will cross post it for
> the nice lady.
> Your humble grad student.


Good work. I don't know what the hell is wrong with that damn dog.

Regardless, last weekend two additional female subjects were studied, ages
15 and 16. In the interest of time the subjects were tested together. First
orgasm was produced by manual means, then the "OP" was introduced.
Unfortunately the results were inconclusive, both subjects required
additional manual input to achieve orgasm, although both reported
significantly greater intensity.

I have set up the trials at Leisure World for you. Please attend to this at
once, as the "retired" market along with computer geeks are projected to be
our biggest source of revenue.

Dr. Timothy Byars
Orgasm Addiction and Research


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