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Sun, 21 Dec 1997 19:37:47 -0800

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> DianeNYC writes:
> > Hi, I was researching info on the "Medicinal Pruposes of Orgasms" and
> > I ran across your site...
> Um, you must have me confused with someone else. The man you want
> to talk with is Mister Timothy Byars, MD. He is available for
> consultation at
> > Tell me about the Orgasm pill?
> I really don't know anything about it, though if such a pill exists,
> I may never have to leave my apartment again.


The orgasm pill is, as you can guess still in a very experimental stage.
Also we are very concerned about addictive behavior as Adam describes.
Please reply with your age, height, weight, brief medical history, and the
*usual* type of orgasm you experience. Also the frequency of your orgams,
and their magnitude. You reply will be entered into the FoRK database and
shared with my colleagues. We will then make the determination as to your
qualifactions to receive the pill.

Thank you for your interest,

Dr. Timothy R. Byars
Orgasm Addiction and Research Center

P.S. In your reply be a specific as possible to help myself and my
colleagues make our determination.