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Ron Resnick (
Tue, 23 Dec 1997 11:20:44 +0200

At 09:50 AM 12/22/97 -0800, CobraBoy! wrote:
>Ron Resnick about 1:50 PM -0800 on 12/21/97, came up with this:
>> I wrote:
>> Speaking of which, whatever happened to duck? Is he still on this list?
>he couldn't handle the list anymore. he found it too depressing that some
>people on the list never did anything but bitch about what the list should
>be, yet never contributed anything other than critique.

Tsk, Tim - I thought I was in your killfile :) Watcha doin' responding to me??

As to contributions, I think my record can stand for itself on that regard.
At one point, I took this list seriously enough and posted enough that
I made it to 'overposter' status - right behind you it so happens. No, I think
I've done my part in the overall FoRK kudos economy. I critique because
I honestly believe that there remain people who can handle the rough edges
of this list, but who are still are trying to get value out of the exercise.
I've stuck around for many, many months trying to be part of that value chain.
'Critique' is a postive word in my vocabulary; people who critique are trying
to take a thing they value and care about, and improve it. But fuck you too.

Jay Thomas writes:
>> There's almost no bits.
>---So post some.

See above.

>> get just as easily on msnbc or infoworld.
>---We're saving you the trip. Did you ever think that others on the
>list might find things interesting that you do not?

Sure. And no one's stopping you all from continuing to do so.
If you think that daily progress reports on Forkbuster status
are interesting, fine. The only contribution I saw out of dozens of such
messages that was of any value was Seth's - get a reality grip here folks.
A little basic math - a 64 bit key has 2**8=256 times as large a
space as a 56 bit key. I'm not minimizing the importance of working
on the 64bit keyspace, but for a challenge that's likely to take years,
daily progress updates are going to get very, very tiresome.

>> There's not much humour or high level mocking.
>---You mean like the amazingly funny ebonics Christmas Carol, that
>were already old bits to me?

No I mean like _originally_ written fun stuff, like things duck, JoeB,
Wayne, Adam and others have been noted for in the past.
Eg, *this* is a good humourous, mocking FoRKpost:
Anyone seen anything like that around here lately?

(I said 'not much', since there is some. E.g. Dave
Crook shows great potential for that old-style FoRK fun, although
he has a thing or two to learn about self-describing typed bits :)

>> Remind me - what phase is this list in? Oh yeah, mouldy
>> and covered in cobwebs :-(
>---Seems to be in full-out bitch phase to me. If you see a void, fill

Oh, I've tried. But it's rather pointless trying to play chamber music
on a subway platform at rush hour. You get rather drowned out,
you know? Now, there's nothing wrong with
crowded busy places - ultimately, I think you & Tim are right - FoRK
should be left alone as Cobraboy's noisy domain - I'm the one out
of place here.

A most recent example of the wonderful, informative, quality material
I am privileged to receive as a FoRK subscriber:

Tim writes:
>> Mike Milliken forgot the golden rule: when you make a lot of money, be sure
>> to give the boys in the local, state, and federal governments a cut so they
>> will pull strings for you so everyone will leave you alone.
>my point exactly. Ms hasn't exactly lined anyones palms.

Oh, yes, and authoratative Cobraboy is the one to know just exactly
what MS has, or hasn't tried to do. I'm sure Ballmer, right before
paying off his Congressman, calls up Tim to keep him informed.
Fuck Tim, you ARE stupid, aren't you?

I can see next week's TBTF already:
"MS facing Justice Department wrath because of their shortsighted
unwillingness to bribe government officials. TBTF has learned from
Cobraboy! ( that ..."

> This stupid list has been wasting away for months now.
---So unsubscribe.

I am.
Rohit, as soon as you're back from India, take me off this braindead thing.

Bye all! Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and all that....