Re: duck?

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Tue, 23 Dec 1997 08:51:05 -0800

Give us this day our daily gossip.

> I can see next week's TBTF already:
> "MS facing Justice Department wrath because of their shortsighted
> unwillingness to bribe government officials. TBTF has learned from
> Cobraboy! ( that ..."
I hate stepping in the middle of a flame war, apologize for
any vapidity, but Microsoft hired former Republican Congressman
Vin Weber along with a number of other Washington public
relations firms including the Conservative Foundation to
do a study that supports the conclusions that monopolies
are good, so they money's definitely flowing. I got a call
the other day right before they hired him.

Speaking of which, Barksdale left messages on my answering machine.
It seems Netscape is paying another former Republican Congressman,
Bob Walker, out of their general slush fund *and* writing it
off on their taxes as a legitimate business expense in addition
to Barksdale pursuing his friendship with Trent Lott. I guess
he didn't want to be outdone by McNealy who happens to be friends
with Newt Gingrich. Here's the kicker, though, both Weber and Walker
both were former members of the Speaker's Conservative Opportunity
Society and are known for their support of free market economics and
government downsizing.

McNealy also tried to schedule a lunch with
me the other day to give me a heads up that he was going to hire
some Democrats too, Jody Powell, a Carter administration press
secretary, and Sheila Tate (not to be confused with Sharon Tate,
1969 murdered beauty queen by the Manson family), former Nancy Reagan
spokeswoman and astrology confidant.

Based on this, it's pretty obvious who's going to win, but then
everyone knows Gates is a Democrat even though he doesn't contribute all
that much to he cause which is enough these days to make them look the
other way as everyone gets their licks in.


And you guys thought this was based on technology rather than politics.