Re: Tyson and Espy?

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Fri, 02 Jan 1998 09:51:35 -0800

> Not only is this a great quote (mincemeat indeed), but it provides another
> example of the misconception shared by the folks in Oregon who blew up the
> whale at the beach - that when you blow up an animal, it magically vaporizes
> (instead, say, turning into huge gross stinking maggot-infested chunks of
> meat).

I have a ton of dead animal stories.

I used to lifeguard for the city of Laguna Beach. We had a whale wash
up on one of the tourist beaches (Picnic Beach). What they ended up
doing with it was to dig a huge ditch, roll it in, and bury it.
Their intention was to come back in a year and dig the bones up for
a museum exhibit. It must have been psychosomatic, but everytime I came
home from working at that beach all my stuff smelt like dead fish.
I had nightmares about some couple romantically walking along the
beach at night and falling down 30 feet when the sand caves in
into the inside of the rotting carcass and slowly suffocating over the
course of 3 days, surviving for 3 weeks by eating the whale flesh,
and when they dig it up they find their skeletons. It's the stuff
urban legends are made of.


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