RE: Now here's a fun job... [W3CM]

Sally Khudairi (
Fri, 30 Oct 1998 13:38:28 -0500

Ha-HA! LOL so much I needed a hit of Ventolin.

Wayne, you're a hoot.

Thanks for setting the record straight and shining the light on what I've
been doing for the past two years at W3C ;-)

Fun, fun, fun!

- Sally

Now I challenge you to do the same with my current job description.

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> > Excellent team player must also be autonomous under pressure.
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> No offense, but I just can't resist with such wide-open straight lines.
> Cheers,
> Wayne
> Lying and Trickery Manager
> The MS/World Wide Web Consortium seeks a Lying and Trickery Manager to
> peddle W3C's image to the media droids, the Internet "industry", and the
> Justice Dept. Responsibility for lying to the so-called experts, and
> redefining, bolstering and, so far as possible, imposing the W3C brand.
> As the premier Web standards setting (or ballast, as we like to call it)
> organization, we seek an individual with abrasively aggressive expertise
> in tricking the Internet industry and an opportunistic hunger for
> evangelizing the industry and general public in favor of W3C's imagined
> role. The position includes a basement office in MIT's Laboratory for
> Computer Science. Nick At Night and other MediaLab benefits negotiable.
> REQUIREMENTS: extensive experience in the Internet community as a Lying
> and Trickery professional, and strong vituperation skills. Track record
> of selling out to the highest bidder. Ability to cajole and stare down
> opinion leaders and the (far too) critical members of the "community".
> Excellent bootlicker must also thrive with ostracism. Ability to work
> with an CGI-based "management team" ("Management Team" V2.0 will be
> ActiveX-based) is required. Highly rationally self-interested individual
> able to feign interest in the W3C mission. Experience in the wrestling
> industry and direct descent from Henry VIII are pluses.