Mon, 2 Nov 1998 22:06:15 EST

I had a blast at Greg's graduation party, he being the renowned conoisseur of
fermented fruits and cacti. The cider was excellent (a little on the sweet
side) and the tequila was awesome, though being more of a dessert tequilla.
Roy and Tim weren't there so I drank their shots for them . . . and toasted
them with Nazi epithets. Anyway, I didn't spill too much on my orange and
yellow silk Versace (Bal Harbor, vintage 1995) - I only wear it to the most
especial occasions.

I'm sorry I missed meeting Rohit - truth be known, he was the real reason I
made the trip. I met this chic - Zema or Rema - who told me that Rohit tried
to look down her blouse (mocha silk, I think) and we both kind of laughed
about it in a men-are-so-predictable conspiratorial chic way. She was going
to introduce us but he disappeared. I flew back to Flahdedah in a funk,
though I consoled myself with happy thoughts of Dr. Greg - you can write
prescriptions now, right?