Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Thu, 05 Nov 1998 09:36:59 -0800

Apple exec claims MSFT sabotaged
Rhapsody. Anybody want to give
the dictionary definition and compare
whether this is an exaggeration?


Comments from the Rhadsodizers?
Apple exec: Microsoft stronghold
doomed Rhapsody

Special to the Mercury News

WASHINGTON -- Under meticulous
grilling from a Microsoft lawyer, Apple
executive Avie Tevanian held to his
statements Wednesday that Microsoft's
monopoly killed the proposed Rhapsody
operating system and that the Redmond
software giant intentionally put bugs in its
software to ``sabotage'' Apple's QuickTime
multimedia software.

``Don't you think the use of the word
`sabotage' is something of an exaggeration?''
Microsoft lawyer Theodore Edelman asked at
one point.

``It sounds fine to me,'' Tevanian responded.