Web search on "orgasm" and "urkel".

I Find Karma (adam@cs.caltech.edu)
Sat, 6 Sep 1997 00:03:55 -0700 (PDT)

In a personal email, Eric Iverson writes:
> Your web page of David Letterman Top 10 lists


> is the only one indexed by Hotbot to contain both the words "orgasm"
> and "urkel."

Why you were searching for these two particular things in a single
document simply boggles the mind.

But, you've just encountered the symptom of why web indexes and search
engines are not trustworthy:
1. Presumably this document did not contain the context or content
for which you were apparently searching.
2. I am not qualified to be an expert on Urkel or on orgasms.
3. I have not touched that file in the FOUR years since I
originally put it on the Web -- heck, I forgot that file even existed!

> Two great tastes that decidedly do not go great together.

You got that right.

> In fact, I'm beginning to feel unclean even emailing you this.

Don't worry. It's just between you, me, and the walnuts.

> Solidarity, brother!

This reminds me, the Polish shipyard where the Solidarity union was born
is being converted into a discotheque. Who would have guessed disco
would outlast communism? Peace to you, Eric.


This list is not a conversation. These threads are not a discussion.
And the list is definitely *not* intended for anyone's entertainment.
Nor is it here for anyone's enlightenment. In fact, may I be so bold as
to say that this is not a place where you're supposed to learn things.
We don't give tutorials here. Facts are fleeting, and opinions are
bunk. We disapprove of sermons. This list is not about figuring out
any "grand truths." It's not about connections, and it's not about
freedom. What is it then? Quite simply, this list is a scrapbook.
No more, no less. Anyone who says differently is selling something.
-- Urkel the Orgasm Guy