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duck (
Mon, 08 Sep 1997 14:14:34 -0400

Hi kids. I'm back from the dead after my peecee crashed and ate about two
years worth of work which was only saved piecemeal because i cannot afford
a zip drive and don't have the time to keep saving things on disk and in
about five minutes i am going to be on the roof with a Magnum.... So how
was your week?

Anyway, didn't call to complain. The jist of the upshot is i need to find
a new web page creation program as i was doing it mostly by hand, so could
i get some recommedations please? I had read up on a number of them and it
looks like Adobe PageMill gets the prize so far (is 2.0 the latest
release?). I was also thinking of Agile 1.0, Carouselle, Hot Metal PRO,
VisualPage 1.0, and WebAuthor 2.5

Keep in mind i am a rank amateur and i would like to stay that way, so
please speak my language. My site is at if you want to
see the kind of basic stuff i do (read my magazine at ink.htm).

Also, i select stories for FF Coppola's fiction magazine, "Zoetrope." They
are putting up a website but the mag's editors don't know anything about
the web so i am helping them out. The sample that we are basing off of was
designed by a student, it is at So i need to find a
web authoring program for them as well, help them transfer the student's
page to it, make changes, and teach one of the editors to manage the email
that comes in requesting submission (can that be automatically filtered
into a database?). Would anyone mind giving me a little tutoring?

Thanks fo rlistening. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

(Ro - you dropping in tonite?)


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