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[oh, now THIS is worth road tripping for!!!]
[c.f. Atom Egoyan's Exotica]
[Think they're south asians to boot?? :-]
[From News of the Weird]

* In May, the Convent nightclub opened on Armitage Street in
Chicago, a traditional dance club but themed after the Catholic
Church. The non-Catholic owners, sisters Surita and Shar
Mansukhani, feature restrooms labeled Hymns and Hers, house
drinks called "Holy Water" and "Confessionals," waitresses in
typical Catholic schoolgirl outfits (plaid skirt, white blouse, knee-
high stockings), and bartenders in priests' collars. The VIP rooms
are Heaven (upstairs) and Hell (lower level). Said Surita, "We're
certainly not intending to be sacrilegious in any way."

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