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Dan Kohn (
Thu, 11 Sep 1997 12:23:50 -0700

No, that's incorrect. The issue of linking to a specific page in a site
(Sidewalk's review of Lilith Fair would link to the TicketMaster page
where you can buy Lilith Fair tickets) is completely different from
"framing sites" (using other people's content in combination with your
ads). Total News was the firm that was framing and they were rightly
made to stop by the news organizations that were having their trademarks
abused. Sidewalk was using normal links.

The TicketMaster situation is simple: TicketMaster isn't happy with the
monopoly rents that they get from controlling all credit-card-based
tickets sales in the US. Instead, they want to expand their profits by
getting content providers with big pockets, like Micro$oft (notice the
placement of the $ sign), to pay them for "permission" to link to their

I think that's technically and ethically equivalent to making anyone who
wants to discuss my phone number (or any other address) pay me.

- dan

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> -----Original Message----- > From: John R Chang [SMTP:JRChang+@CMU.EDU] > Sent: Thursday, September 11, 1997 10:52 AM > To: Jay Thomas > Cc: FoRK > Subject: Re: TB-L issue with links > > On Thu, 11 Sep 1997, Jay Thomas wrote: > > > Ticketmaster is pissed at M$oft for putting a link to their site on > a > > M$soft entertainment page. This, to me, seems utterly harmless, > makes > > total sense, and would only serve to increase Ticketbastards > revenues; > > I believe they were upset because if you followed the link to the > Ticketmaster site, the Microsoft banner, navigation bar, ads, etc. > were > still shown on the screen in another frame. This made it look like > the > Ticketmaster site was some part of the Microsoft site. > > > John Chang > School of Computer Science, Carnegie-Mellon University > JRChang+@CMU.EDU | >