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Thu, 11 Sep 1997 11:00:00 -0700

At 8:49 AM -0700 9/11/97, Dan Kohn wrote:

* > MICROSOFT (135-1/2, up 3/8 @ 9:45am EDT) and LERNOUT & HAUSPIE
* > SPEECH PRODUCTS (36, up 4-1/8 @ 9:45am EDT) announced a broad
* > strategic alliance designed to accelerate development of the next
* > generation of voice-enabled computing on the Microsoft Windows
* > platform. Microsoft will invest $45 million in L&H common stock,
* > representing a minority stake in the company. Microsoft and L&H
* > have agreed to share technologies and expect to cooperate on
* > future speech technology initiatives. (Dow Jones)

so Dan is *the* man. not only this little gem of investing, but Teledesic
as his employer.

What am I talking about? Well it seems Billy and Craig are being handed the
future thanks to our Gov...


*** 'Next Generation Internet' delayed

The Clinton administration's repeated missteps in explaining its "Next
Generation Internet" project to Congress have led to underfunding,
which will delay the project, White House officials said Wednesday.
The administration had sought $100 million for next year, but the
House has approved only $78 million and the Senate just $35 million.
The Next Generation Internet project aims to send data at 1,000 times
the speed of today's net. Higher speeds and improved reliability could
spur a host of new uses for the network. For the full text story, see