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Mon, 15 Sep 1997 17:35:04 -0700

On Mon, Sep 15, 1997 at 05:12:21PM -0700, Joe Barrera wrote:
> For that matter, why the hell does anyone send mail without running a
> spell checker?
> (Ideally, of course, you want something that immediately but
> non-intrusively checks your spelling [and grammar], like WordMail in
> Microsoft Outlook... but of course we can't all be fortunate enough to
> run Microsoft software.)
Do you consider it non-intrusive how Word not only checks your spelling and
grammar but CHANGES it for you unless you specifically tell it not to do so?
I hadn't used a word processor (vi forever!) recently but needed to today.
Started up Word and was typing. Noticed the little red underlines why i
typoed and figured ok.. I can deal with that. Noticed a little green
underline when i didn't capitalize the first letter of a little note to myself
"<insert picture>". But then noticed it changing MByte to Mbyte and wondered
what was up. Started digging around under "Tools" on the menu and found the
auto-correct stuff.

I guess I no longer have to wonder why so many engineering students I know
don't care about the fact that they have atrocious spelling. Responses are
usually either "I'll spell check" or "I won't have to write anyhow."

</rant off>
k, who can usually spell, often typos and no, doesn't always spell check
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