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Ahh, the simple pleasures of KUCI-spam. And just remember, 9 out of 10
doctors recommend KUCI as an alternative to masturbation. :-) Which
doctors? Why, the ones in all the toothpaste and aspirin ads, of course!

- Jim

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KUCI Top 30 9/15/97

1) Crabs--What Were Flames Now Smolder (K)
2) Photek--Modus Operandi (Astralwerks)
3) V/A--Tokyo Trashville (Au-Go-Go)
4) Calexico--Spoke (Quarterstick)
5) Cub--Mauler (Au-Go-Go)
6) Fugitive Pope--s/t (Fuck You)
7) V/A--Plug Research And Development (Plug Research)
8) Pee Chees--Games People Play (Kill Rock Stars)
9) Shepherd Kings--Rome Wasn't Built (Gourmandizer)
10) Scanner--Delivery (Primitive Rawkus)
11) Scissor Girls--Here Is The "Is-Not" (Atavistic)
12) Martin Denny--Quiet Village & The Enchanted Sea
13) Juno Reactor--Bible of Dreams (Wax Trax)
14) Snow Queen--Wif Coke (I've Fallen In Love) (Smilex)
15) Hentchmen--Broad Appeal (Norton)
16) John Cale--Eat/Kiss (Ryko)
17) Lync--Remembering the Fireballs (K)
18) Big Sandy and his Fly-Rite Boys--Feelin' Kinda Lucky (Hightone)
19) Herbalizer--The Blend (Ninja Tune)
20) Moviola--Glen Echo Autoharp (Spirit of Orr)
21) Mu-Ziq--Lunatic Harness (Astralwerks)
22) Uphill Gardeners--s/t (WIN)
23) Mirza--Anadromous (Darla)
24) Z-Rock Hawaii--s/t (Nipp Guitar)
25) Turn On--s/t (Drag City)
26) Negativland--Dispepsi (Seeland)
27) Matmos--s/t (Vague Terrain)
28) Lord High Fixers--When The Revolution Comes (Au-Go-Go)
29) Linda Smith--Preference (Harriet)
30) V/A--Songs for the Jetset (Jetset)

Linda Smith--Preference (Harriet)
David Kilgour & the Heavy Eights--s/t (Flying Nun)
Jad Fair--Monarchs (Dr. Jim's)
Oblivians--Play 9 Songs With Mr. Quintron (Crypt)
DM Bob and the Deficits--Bush Hog'n Man (Crypt)

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