really weird Apple rumor.

CobraBoy! (
Sat, 20 Sep 1997 18:54:08 -0700

Ok, this one takes the cake.

Apple is part owner of ( I forget, it's not AMD ... it's the chip used in
the original Newton, and the Laserwriters) chip manufacturing in England.
That is a fact.

Ok, so here is the rumor. Apple is going to start making (or having made)
PPC chips. Apple is the "secret" buyer of the Expotential Patents, or maybe
Ellison, etc... Apple is going to take the PPC (whom they co own the
patents) and have them made for themselves, just like Sun with the Ultra.
This free's up Moto, who as I have repeatedly said wants to get out of the
desktop market.

Also reduces the chip cost dramatically.

A weird one as rumors go, but then again, Steve has done some bizzaro moves
in the past.



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