Re: really weird Apple rumor (Apple making PPC chips)

Dr. Ernest N. Prabhakar (ernest@pundit)
Sat, 20 Sep 97 21:02:16 -0700

Well, when Cobra "Conspiracy Theory" Boy calls a rumour weird, its =
really something. Then again, by irony, it is most likely to be =
true. :)

I don't know anything about this, so I can speek freely. (Adam, you =
can quote me on that, if you like :).

The Newton uses the ARM processor, most recently the StrongARM =
processor which is supposed to kick. I'm not sure what ARM stands =
for, but I seem to recall it is British. Then I may be confusing =
then with Acorn, but perhaps they really are related. I also =
thought that DEC had a piece of ARM, but I'm not sure.

How's that for vacuous near-bits? Hopefully it will prod someone =
with more facts to fill in.

Given Apple's tendency towards outsourcing, I think they'd prefer =
not to take PPC in house. However, I would believe the rumours that =
Steve is playing hardball with Motorola and IBM on PPC prices. =
Having the option of second-sourcing PPCs would certainly give his =
threats some teeth. Apple isn't moving away from PPC for quite a =
while, since Mac OS just isn't technically feasible without it, and =
Apple is *not* moving away from Mac OS.

Yes, I meant that last sentence. Apple is moving towards Rhapsody, =
but not moving away from Mac OS. The statement is a bit odd, but =
its my job to figure out how to make that come true. Literally.

-- Ernie P.

You wrote:
> Ok, this one takes the cake.
> Apple is part owner of ( I forget, it's not AMD ... it's the chip
> used in the original Newton, and the Laserwriters) chip =
> in England. That is a fact.
> Ok, so here is the rumor. Apple is going to start making (or =
> made) PPC chips. Apple is the "secret" buyer of the Expotential
> Patents, or maybe Ellison, etc... Apple is going to take the PPC
> (whom they co own the patents) and have them made for themselves,
> just like Sun with the Ultra. This free's up Moto, who as I have
> repeatedly said wants to get out of the desktop market.
> Also reduces the chip cost dramatically.
> A weird one as rumors go, but then again, Steve has done some =
> moves in the past.
> Tim