The FoRK 500 is underway...

Rohit Khare (
Mon, 22 Sep 1997 14:08:43 -0400

Hello from scenic Knoxville!

After a hellish week of overtime finishing two papers on XML with Adam and
DanC, I finally left Maryland this morning at 5:19 Eastern. I was hoping
for a leisurely week to see the sights and try to meet FoRKs in Huntsville,
Batavia, Austin, and Albuquerque, but the Web Journal takes priority, as
ususal (*) -- not anymore:

PhD orientation at UC Irvine is 9AM Thursday, which is approximately 67
hours and 2200 miles away. Given this morning's progress, I'm not too
worried. At an average of 75mph so far, it will be less than 36 hours of
driving, which leaves *lots* of time to kill in Vegas :-)

(especially since I gain three hours on that time-zone thing that I
misplaced two and half years ago driving out to Boston)

The continuing adventures of one man, one Bonneville, and a 24-pack of Diet
Coke in the passenger seat...
Rohit Khare

(*) the 'usual' part refers to massive procrastination, of course...

PS. The pager works, so if it's *really* critical and/or amusing, send it

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