Re: The FoRK 500 is underway...

Rohit Khare (
Tue, 23 Sep 1997 03:55:05 -0400

Well, Day 1 closed out at exactly 2^10 miles, leaving me just shy of Little
Rock. I'm rackin' up the Gold Crown Club points at the "Best Western
Interstate Inn". Yes, that's right: the actual hometown of Carlisle, AR,
pop. 2253, pales in significance to symbolic location: "At I-40 and Ark. 13!"

Higlights: Passing through Marion, Va and Marion, TN. Crossing the Forked
Deer and Cache Rivers. Being horrified by the BellSouth Batman-building
blotting out the Nashville skyline. Watching the airborne gridlock of FedEx
planes on final approach in Memphis. Also, since I haven't been to a gym in
two weeks, all the rowing machine muscles (shoulder, lower back, quadricep)
are atrophying -- painfully freezing in place, which is very bad for
sitting in cramped quarters four hours at a stretch. Should remind myself
to request a masseuse when I get to Vegas :-)

Hmm. Somehow this post seemed more colorful when I was composing it in my
head in the car. I guess nothing can quite capture the intimate
penitentiary atmosphere of an Arkansas Highway and Transportation
Department all-steel restroom...

Waiting for a freebie cellular data link,

PS. Do Waffle House, Omlette House, and Huddle House share some sort of
incestuous foodservice lineage? Or is it just a psycho serial logodesigner?

(drive time so far: 13.5 hrs, 75 mph. Looking forward to those desert

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