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>Dear Mainspring member,
>Is it company policy to fill out seven different forms just to get a
>package of yellow stickies? If your company is mired in purchase-order
>hell, consider an extranet. Mainspring tells you everything you need to
>know to manage buying relationships faster, more efficiently, and at a
>lower cost.
>And now for what else is new this week:
>Everyone pays bills. That's why Chuck White of First Data Corporation
>thinks electronic billing on the Internet is likely to become the
>biggest thing on the Web. Chuck tells you how to make it work.
>If you think you're going to change customers' buying processes to fit
>your new web commerce initiative, think again. Mainspring shows you how
>to successfully launch an electronic market that comfortably fits your
>customers' current behavior.
>Your consumer web site looks cool. Graphics are animated, colors are
>bright, phrases are catchy. So why isn't anyone buying? Mainspring shows
>you how to understand your customers' expectations and to build a
>product-oriented web site that sells.
>I hope you find this information useful. If you have any questions or
>comments for us, please do not hesitate to send us a message at
> We would love to hear from you.
>Have a great week!
>John Forgetta
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