Re: The FoRK 500 is underway...

I Find Karma (
Tue, 23 Sep 1997 12:12:58 -0700 (PDT)

Rohit Khare writes:
> Hello from scenic Knoxville!

Rohit called me last night at 11pm Pacific Time from the
Tennessee-Arkansas border. He'll be out of net connection today
("Welcome to middle America, what's the Internet?"), but expects to
reach Albuquerque (and the rebirth of Net) this evening instead of
tomorrow. (Andrew, Rohit asked me to tell you this in case you need to
mentally psyche yourself up for his arrival.)

He'll leave tomorrow and straight shot to LA by Wednesday evening.
Baltimore Monday morning, Los Angeles Wednesday evening. That's Rohit.

> I was hoping for a leisurely week to see the sights and try to meet
> FoRKs in Huntsville, Batavia, Austin, and Albuquerque...

For an economist, Rohit sure seems to have irrational expectations

> PhD orientation at UC Irvine is 9AM Thursday, which is approximately 67
> hours and 2200 miles away. Given this morning's progress, I'm not too
> worried. At an average of 75mph so far, it will be less than 36 hours of
> driving, which leaves *lots* of time to kill in Vegas :-)

I told Rohit to expect 2400 miles and 37 hours. Hey, I was close. When
we crossed the country in July, Michelle and I discovered that the 40
was made for going 80.

> The continuing adventures of one man, one Bonneville, and a 24-pack
> of Diet Coke in the passenger seat...

Ah, Diet Coke. Using only the finest filtered, imported antarctic ice
floe water and specially ground nutrasweet. And those bubbles, aren't
they french?

> PS. The pager works, so if it's *really* critical and/or amusing, send it
> to

Nothing like getting paged going 80mph down the highway...

> PPS. If this message doesn't make any sense to you, try

Trust me, it still won't make any sense to you.


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