RE: The FoRK 500 is underway...

Jim Whitehead (
Fri, 26 Sep 1997 01:38:04 -0700

> > It rained pretty intensely and continuously across Arkansas and
> We're supposed to get rain in California tonight. Welcome to L.A.

Yes, as soon as Rohit crossed the border into California, it started
raining here, eventually spreading to cover all of Southern California
*and* Las Vegas.

Given that the average precipitation in LA in September is 0, I ask you, is
this a coincidence, or another example of the world mocking Rohit? You be
the judge...

As further evidence, I also submit the fact that the largest El Nino *ever*
started about the time Rohit was accepted to UCI... Still not convinced?
There's also the fact that Rohit's new officemate is an intelligent,
attractive, fun Indian woman who's into computer science ...and who also
happens to be happily married.

I rest my case :-)

- Jim