Re: Microsoft DNA?!

Ron Resnick (
Fri, 26 Sep 1997 00:31:32 +0300

At 03:29 PM 9/25/97 -0400, Mark wrote:
>Adam asked that I FoRK this for opinions.
>> Microsoft will deliver the Windows DNA architecture over the next three
>> to five years in three phases
>Uh huh.

DNA seems to be fancy window dressing over their warmed-up leftovers:
COM, DHTML, ActiveX, etc. Who cares what they call their shit? It's always
the same shit, right? The only people this matters to just happen to be
the only people it's meant for - IS purchasers who can, and will, get
suckered by new labelling. Ergo - they win again. We don't stand a chance.

What the hell happened to JoeBar anyway??
Are you alive out there Joe? Ever since Wolfpack came out, I don't
think we've heard from him. Helloooooo...