Re: Microsoft DNA?!

Ron Resnick (
Fri, 26 Sep 1997 09:40:16 +0200

Joe Barrera wrote:
> I'm too busy "re-labeling old shit" to waste my time posting to people
> (on dist-obj) who have already made up their minds.
> I just don't have the time right now for this sort of pissing contest.
> Maybe later, which is why I remain on dist-obj.
> - Joe

Temper, temper Joe :-)

This is FoRK, remember? Who said anything about dist-obj?
Yes, it's true that it was writing some anti-MS sentiment that
led me to think of you, but I was asking about *you*, not
about whether you believe in your company. We've been through this
before, I thought: we can all get along without necessarily having to
agree with each other's corporate affiliations and positions.

I was merely observing that a prominent FoRKer who (a) is
prone to depression and/or related conditions (b) has been
through a recent period of great stress at work (c) has fallen
uncharacteristically silent in a forum (FoRK, not dist-obj) where
he's usually quite active.

How do we know if maybe you didn't
finally do a PrincessDi one night speeding down the 101?
I was just pinging you - glad to know you're alive :-)

Thanks, btw, for the other noarch post - very informative.
And, from what I know of Wolfpack, no I wouldn't refer to it
as 'old shit'. 'Specially not the more recent Wolfpack/Ensemble
stuff I hear rumours about :-).

> What the hell happened to JoeBar anyway??
> Are you alive out there Joe? Ever since Wolfpack came out,
> I don't think we've heard from him. Helloooooo...
> Ron