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There are at least 3 reports on the Web today :-))


1. Several reports on the meeting are listed at:

2. The BANG meeting / Rhapsody demo is also today's lead story on MacWeek: and link to:

3. Also the lead item on Macosrumors... [relevant text below]

Sept. 25, 11:52 AM Eastern Apple Stock: 21 3/4 (up 1/4, as of 11:48 EDT)

BANG Rhapsody Demo brings revelations about new OS

Developers and Mac fans aplenty have reported back details of what went on at last night's Bay Area NeXT user's Group meeting, where _Rhapsody_ DR1 Golden Master was demoed:

* In what appears to be an effort to push migration to the Yellow Box, developers will apparently not be getting the Blue Box with this release. This is apparently a very recent decision, made despite the fact that the Blue Box is nearly Premiere-quality already.

* The stress was on Java: Java in the Yellow Box will be 100% Pure Java, this will be one of the fastest Java OS's out there, etc. * There are three OS teams at Apple: Core OS Team: PPC Bring Up, drivers, addition of full BSD 4.4 features.

Yellow Box Team: Java, Mac UI, and Internet Datatypes.

Mac OS Team: Continued development of MacOS.

* QuickTime Media Layer (QuickTime, QuickDraw3D, etc) technologies will be held back until the next developer version, which should also include the Blue Box and several other features missing from DR1, most notably the tools to develop drivers. * For full functionality (normal everyday use by developers), the Developer Release will need 48mb of RAM. No word on whether this will go up, down, or stay the same for future releases. * The DR1 CD will come with 14 third-party applications on it, which will include everything from word processing to games. One source wondered if Quake might be among them. * The Golden master is "in hand," and will be announced in "a few days," which hopefully means tomorrow.

All in all, far more surprises than many expected; some unpleasant -- the Blue Box decision, for example -- but, for the most part, developers seemed upbeat that the OS was holding closely to its schedules, and that the underlying parts of the OS where the developers will be doing their magic are looking excellent.

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