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Wendy J. Mattson (
Thu, 25 Sep 97 17:27:21 -0700

Yep, I was *there*... helped organize the meeting, in fact.

Scott Forstall discussed Java integration with Rhapsody. ("It's
there! It JUST WORKS!":)

Terrific meeting, over 325 people jammed the place. (I counted the
capacity and the 40+ standees... Scott Stevenson knows not the
numbers he quotes. :)

And 50-60 people, including David Morgenstern of MacWeek, went to
dinner afterward. :-)

Wendy Mattson
BANG Secretary

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Well, I'm slightly stunned at the fact that *I'm* the one FoRKing these
bits, but here goes...


BaNG Rhapsody Demo

Michael Bradley and other MacInTouch readers noted some highlights
of the
Sept. 24, 1997 public meeting of BANG (Bay Area NeXT Group) on the Apple
campus, where Peter Graffagnino, Ali Ozer, and other members of the
Rhapsody team gave a brief technical overview of Rhapsody DR1:

1."The Blue Box will not be in DR1
2.The DR1 Golden Master candidate is "in hand," they told us,
although it
hasn't yet officially been certified as a GM candidate; release
date should
be in a couple of weeks, with the Intel version available a couple
of weeks
3.Sockets, it seems, has won out over streams for tcp/ip
4.No serial PPP in DR1 (use Ethernet instead)
5.No QuickTime in DR1"

For the full details:

- Jim