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Very cool article. Another quote, touching on speech recognition, a
subject we've exchanged mail on in the past...

> Capps talks excitedly of his latest work, expanding user interfaces
> new dimensions: "Everybody thinks the user interface should have
> these stupid icons and gray desktop and all that stuff. And that was a

> limitation of the technology. So few people realize that that was a
> of a compromise -- what you could do with technology in 1984. But
> now we're assuming that's normal, and it's really not. I just think we

> need to take the opportunity to do something different. We may be
> completely wrong, but that's the cool thing. That's what user
> is all about."
> For Capps, Microsoft is the one place with enough money, resources
> and talent to attempt to "do something different," like develop voice-
> operated systems. "You look at what IBM and Dragon have
> demonstrated with their latest releases, this stuff is kind of
> And everybody that knows anything about user interfaces realizes that
> an interface is going to have to be built around speech. So if I had
> put my bets on who can define an interface around speech, it would be
> Microsoft," Capps says.

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> At Apple, according to Eames, "There are smart
> people at the bottom and sometimes smart people
> at the top. But generally, that middle zone is
> where there's not a lot of smart people." At
> Microsoft, on the other hand, the intelligence
> is evenly spread from the bottom up.



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