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Rohit Khare (
Sun, 28 Sep 1997 20:53:11 -0700

Got up at 3 in the afternoon. Chatted with my housemate -- decided to share
the phone, got new mailbox key.

Drove around Irvine/SantaAna, just to get the feel for things. Very
depressing after boston -- I discounted how much I miss urban texture of
Cambr/Old Pas. Ironic.

Everything here closes on Sundays. What's open closes by eleven. Can't walk
anywhere: there's even a 1-mile wetland buffer ring around the campus.

Worst is that, though, when I did head out, to see the malls and theaters
and restaurants, is how Beautiful people are out here. Without any pressing
Mission, everyone just dresses up for errands. Entire malls of nothing but
BPs. It's not like I'm drooling over the beach babes, though; it's more
that I see none of my kind on the streets. Even the 'punks' are earnest
braces-wielding sunny kids.

Reading the 'OC Weekly', the local alterna-paper. Cover on the
oh-so-subversive drive for a new NFL studio and christian ska bands.
Evangelical rock is the best the land of the 'anti-mall' can do -- how

Anyway, returning to the gutter, even without considering the intellectual
depth of the place, is how disconcerting public sun, happiness, and
sexiness can be to even a mildly-adapted Easterner.

Well, I thought I had more to say about the disconcerting lack of Purpose
around here, but no, I'll stop now. It's not like there's any false
advertising going on -- nothing south of the Orange Curtain pretends to
bend your mind.

The Happiest Place on Earth....

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